A Skinny Guy's Ultimate Guide To Muscle Building Nutrition

A Free Hands-On Primer to Getting Your Nutrition Together, Finally Understanding What It All Means And Rapidly Growing Muscle As A Skinny Dude (without spending all day in the kitchen)

By Dean Phillips - 

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If you're a skinny guy that's looked at nutrition before, then you've probably been told you just have to eat more, have six meals a day, and down a bunch of protein shakes right?

With “experts” saying different things every week and studies being splashed on front of the newspapers claiming something “new” and “revolutionary”, it might feel like you're just never getting it right...

The truth is:

And that’s exactly why I wrote this guide and am giving it away for free.

It's a set of proven principals that have helped guys who struggle to gain weight, actually build a load of muscle, but can also make nutrition way (WAY) simpler, meaning you’re more likely to follow through and get results.


Here's What You're Going To Learn

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Nutrition Mistakes

The problem with conventional nutrition advice that keeps many of us frustrated and confused


What To Eat

Get these three macronutrients right, and it becomes impossible to not build muscle


Meal Timing

How often you should eat, and how to still have a life whilst building muscle in the kitchen


Workout Nutrition

Want to lift more, recover faster and make the most out of your workouts? This does just that


Your Next Steps

I’ll share even more of my best material on building muscle as a skinny guy


Hey, I'm Dean Phillips

I'm a former skinny guy and the owner of The Superhuman Lab. I’ve helped thousands of men build more muscle, gain more confidence and become Superhuman. I’ve also gained more than 60 pounds myself (going from 112 pounds to over 172 pounds).

Why I Created This Guide

For years, I struggled with being 112 pounds ...

I had a sunken chest, Cheerio-like wrists and narrow shoulders.

Clothes didn’t fit properly (even the extra small ones) and the clothes I could wear served only to try and make me look bigger – the classic long-sleeve-top-with-a-t-shirt-underneath-it look.

It was one of the most crippling experiences of my life, and it affected everything I did (without me even realising it).

I ate everything I could get my hands on. I downloaded some free workouts online. I even hired a personal trainer.

Yet the results …


Sure, I gained a few pounds, but lean, dense muscle that filled me with confidence?

Not a chance.

The truth is:

Your nutrition (or “diet” plan) makes up a large majority of your success.

As the old saying goes:

“You can’t out-train a bad diet.”

If you want to building a superhero physique, then you can’t just wing it.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide – to take out the guesswork and finally get your nutrition together (and have you understand what it all means too)

This means you won't make the same mistakes I see skinny guys making time and time again - the same mistakes I made for years!

It's all going to be broken down chapter by chapter!

Like I said, no more rocket science degree needed 🚀🚀🚀

Who This Guide Is For

Now, I'll be honest – this guide isn't for most dudes. However, carry on reading if this is you


You Want A Step-By-Step System

You're a skinny dude that wants a system you can use to build your first 15-20 pounds of muscle, without making all the mistakes that could cost you months.


You've Tried Eating "Everything"

You've tried eating everything you can to put muscle on, yet the scales barely move, and when they do, you still don't look like you work out.


The Word Meathead Makes You Sick ?

You don't want to be a "meathead" that lives and breathes by every second of their diet – you want freedom, and flexibility when it comes to your meal plans

The Biggest Mistakes Skinny Guys Make With Their Nutrition

Most skinny guys follow the wrong advice when it comes to nutrition. They follow traditional advice – often outdated or fed by the supplement industry. The result? They’re usually left with no life, and nothing to show for it all.

In Part 2, I’ll teach you the most common mistakes I see, and how to fix them in order to skyrocket your muscle growth.


Exactly What To Eat: The 3 Food Groups You Need In Order To Build Muscle

Macronutrients are the key to nutrition. Get these 3 right and it comes impossible to not build muscle. In Part 3, I’ll teach you what all 3 do, how much to have of each to have and even give you the foods I recommend.

How Often To Eat & My Two Frameworks For Fitting Your Meals Into Your Life

The biggest complaint I hear time and time again is “I don’t have time for that!” and I’m not surprised - Most skinny dudes think they have to eat 10 meals a day to get anywhere. In part 3, I’ll walk you through what the science says and give you two frameworks to make it all that bit easier.


What To Have Before, During And After A Workout To Make The Most Of Your Workouts

Want to lift more, recover faster and make the most out of your workouts? Here’s where we cover how to do just that. I include the famous AA Method that’s increased muscle growth by 236%.

The Next Steps: Going From Skinny To Superhero

At this point, you’ll have learned some of the systems and strategies you need to get your muscle building nutrition up and running. In Part 6, I’ll share even more of my best material on building muscle as a skinny guy, and going from Skinny To Superhero.



Don’t have time to read the whole guide right now?

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