Grab my free guide to learn the best exercises that
build the superhero physique - Exclusively for skinny dudes only


Grab my free guide to learn the best exercises that build the superhero physique - Exclusively for skinny dudes only

October 24, 2016

How Hollywood Has Engineered “The Superhero Physique” (Backed By Science) And Why It Has Been Proven To Be More Attractive,and Head Turning For Skinny Guys...

And the 3 types of muscle growth every skinny guy needs
in their workout program to build it, fast!

What you see above is powerful.

Not as powerful as superpowers (is anything afterall?!) but pretty damn powerful if you’re a skinny dude that’s struggling to build a body you’re proud of.

Truth is, when I first started training (back when I was a skinny 112 lbs) I knew nothing about training.

You see:

Speak to any personal trainer and you’ll usually be told one thing:

For men looking to gain muscle all you need to do is focus on the “Big 3” lifts...

Bench Press


Walking in the gym was scary enough, nevermind attempting them 3 lifts.

BUT I followed that advice to the tee, and guess where it got me?!

I was still a skinny dude - not a muscular guy that was filled with confidence and a body he’s proud of.

I couldn’t do what everyone else was doing as I wasn’t like them!

But something changed:

I learned a framework that any skinny dude can use to build a body that’s seen on guys like Taylor Lautner, Ryan Kwanten, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman, etc…

You see, if you’re a skinny guy you’ve got an advantage:

You can still look "cool" and hip. You can wear nice fitting clothes. You can look "GQ" and like a model.

And the best part?

This physique has been proven by science, several times, to be the most attractive physique on the planet (earth)!

That’s what The Superhero Physique gives you!

And I’m proof of it:

I went from 112 lbs to over 170 lbs and everything in my life levelled up

* As you can see I was a skinny dude (112 lbs to be exact)

Before you continue on, I want to respect your time by coming clean about what this isn’t and giving you the “bad news” first...

This is not the typical muscle building advice you see in the magazines. Truth is, when you follow what I am about to teach you you're not going to suddenly “Gain 28.7 pounds of muscle within the next 30 days!”

Not possible. Never has been - not in regards to building muscle as a skinny guy anyway.

30 pounds in 90 days?! Totally possible, I have skinny guys doing that all the time with my skinny to superhero formula*

But this isn't about that. It's about getting you best bang for your buck as a skinny dude in the gym.

So with that we’re about to dive into the 3 types of muscle triggers every skinny guy needs, and then I’m going to give you the best exercises every skinny dude needs if they want to build The Superhero Physique fast...


Cool, then let’s carry on.

*no email-signup required.


WARNING: Entering the next few pages may lead to side effects such as: building more muscle, understanding what it takes to build a body you’re proud of, levelling up your strength and being a damn smart* dude.

Just saying.